Restore My Faith

Lord, restore my faith in the human race…

Restore my faith
In the human race
Make me see
and make me believe
that kindness and love
still exist in us.
There’s lies in the eyes
behind every smiling face.
I hate to generalize
But this has been
a consistent fate.

I look to you as my only hope
in life, in love
and in every matter I cope.
Will my eyes look upon someone
with whom I can trust?
Will someone love me
without dripping in lust?
Will I be a choice instead of
a convenience?
Will someone support me
without being lenient?

I’ve been shattered
too many times to fix.
Rocks have been thrown,
I’ve been stabbed with sticks.
And all the while
I put on a pretty smile.
But my hands stay cold
as it reflects my dying soul.
Warm my fire.
Because, Lord, I’m so tired.

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