IXXX • Today I am 29 – my last year in my twenties. I’m scared. My twenties, I’d have to say, were mixed with confusion and lots of figuring out. It’s also been intensely educational. I’ve grown to know myself – my thinking, my desires, my imperfections, my strengths – and at the end of it, finally learning to love myself for all those things and despite them. I guess that was the most beautiful part of it. But I’m ready to let go. I look forward to my thirties. I needed my twenties to pave the way, to mold my heart to what it is today. I think she is incredibly soft and beautiful (my heart that is). But, I pray I live out my wildest dreams in my thirties. And despite my apprehension, I’m super excited! But to help me close out this chapter, I’m embarking on a new journey to help me say thank you and farewell to every helpful and hurtful encounter in my twenties. This isn’t a celebration, this is a moment in time.

P.S – my wisdom teeth are coming in soooo I gotta start acting like I know a lil sum’n sum’n.

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