No. 2 Pencil

So let me know if you’re into numbers. Because I could give you mine and we could start adding the hours …

In 365 days I want to know if it’s worth a million plus.

I know it sounds crazy.

Like mere seconds compared to the infinity and beyond,

but I believe there is strength in numbers.

And I respect that 7:9 chapter & verse by Paul – 1st Corinthians.

I just know that in 180 days

it’s gonna be the hardest thing for me to keep it at 180 degrees.

I know you don’t like to count the days,

but the time left is reduced.

And I’m not racing the clock for a quick number.

But I understand that every second you stand next to me

creates a more complex mathematical equation.

It’s not as simple as one 1+1=2

It’s more like one time

and another time

creates a desire for yet another time

and where are we?

Because every one time leaves you where you began. (1x1x1=1)

We’re going nowhere.

So let me know if you’re into numbers.

Because I could give you mine

and we could start adding the hours

every late night phone call

with unlimited talks and texts about dividing our souls into fractions of halves finding “x” and “y” in a game of common denominators.

And do not cheat your calculations.

Use your Ticonderoga No. 2 pencil

making long divisions your only companion.

How many times can it go into that and in how many ways?

Carry the numbers to the top of the parabola….oh!

And do you like pie?

Because if you do, I can cosign on that.

But enough about you and your equations.

I understand that you want to know how I too will measure up.

Just know that I don’t do inches but centimeters so that it takes longer for you to figure me out.

You can stencil your way around me with the sharpest point but it’ll only leave you dizzy.

I enjoy being the target of manipulation.

But I think I’ll leave this here.

I don’t want to scare you with how calculated my steps are because you all have the tendency to think we’re all so complicated.

But if I am being honest,

it’s the fact that I ran out of numbers.

I was told to give 50/50

But everything that I do gets 100%

And if were counting reciprocation,

the scales aren’t balancing.

So I’m using mass reductions

so that in the end,

everything checks and balances.


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