I watch these stars dance around me although we are strangers to one another. This is the first time I’m seeing them in such great quantity and desire to know their names. I am open. I find that every time I’m on a plane above civilization and just below the dynamic energies I’m looking out of the window feeling open. I recognize a few things. That, for one, my life in those hours is more fragile than at any point as I rely solely on the hands of God and the intelligence of science, math and geography. I am open. 

Whether it’s the rising or setting of the sun and its warmth penetrates through the window against my insignificant skin as I surf the clouds fighting the natural laws of gravity in terrifying exhilaration or its the darkest of nights and I’m watching the stars with my blurry vision shine more brightly than I have ever seen, I am open. I realize in these moments that no matter how close or far we are to our lovers, families, friends or God, the spirit is what speaks more clearly than anything you can ever say or portray yourself to be – who you are as a person will be made manifest when you have that spiritual connection. Moments like these allow for meditation and you will then see how fluent or choppy the spiritual currents run through your life in every aspect of your existence if you remain open. 

My point is simple: wherever you are, find those moments and settings where you feel open and take in the spirit. Let it speak to you and let it guide you. And I’m not talking about yoga, reaching out to the sky opening your lungs for perfect air flow. Spirituality existed way before yoga mats, Bohemian lifestyles and body oils.  You won’t find it by abandoning society to live in the jungle and by becoming one with the trees. The only ancient remedy that has proven to work is the soothing salve of the life-saving message found in the Holy Writings.  You will find it by being open to its forces.  And it only works if you are honest, hungry and humble.  Everyone is starving for the spirit.  That’s why some people chant repetitive words looking for clearance.  Some look to hemp leaves.  Others watch Oprah.  You name it, we do it! We are altogether everywhere trying to centralize our thoughts on our own.  Here’s a fact of life: we can’t.  We were created with an inborn desire for spirituality although we sit here as fleshly humans.  So stop fighting the spirit that is beyond our own strength and open that healing book.  Let it speak to you and let it guide you.

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