Low Maintenance

You joke and say that we speak once in a span of six months. That our friendship is low maintenance, that we don’t talk enough, we don’t see each other enough. Truth is is that we are such complete opposites and the chemistry between us is so magnetically instantaneous. And every time you see me, it’s as if you believe in miracles. When you say goodbye you hold me like you’ll never see me again – as if six months is so far away. And while I’m at it, I might add that that kiss on my neck while we were in Park Slope the other night didn’t help either. I know it was just reactive and you didn’t think twice about it but it was exactly as Lauryn Hill said. It was “the sweetest thing I’ve ever known” and in that split second it shot right through my head bypassing my heart down to my toes buckling my knees playing hop scotch and jump rope all through my veins.  So, if you must know, the distance I’ve created between us is a protective barrier I’ve set up for our future.  I’ll see you in December.

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