Diplomacy (or what have you)

Time heals nothing.  Because its been a month and it hurts more now than it did before.  I still can’t explain what came between us because your diplomatic portrayal has made you unfeeling and put together.  You pushed me so far away that I have no clear direction in how to get back and so the only thing that is left for me to do is to find a new route that leads elsewhere because I just can’t bend my knees to crawl anymore without the knowledge of knowing if you are at least trying to meet me half way.  So what looks like pride is actually fear.  And what scares me the most is coming to terms with the fact that everything that we’ve built meant absolutely nothing to you.  Diplomacy has replaced your love. I don’t need diplomatic responses because I’ve never been politically correct.  Everything I say is fumbled in truth and since we no longer have the ability to coexist, I hope you sit nice and comfortable on your throne of bull[crap].

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