Women’s Rights/ Equality

In our fight to be viewed as an equal to men, we are in a sense stripping ourselves of what makes us beautiful. Our femininity.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”

so says the Declaration of our Independence.  All men are created equal.  In the year 2017, we have seen movement after movement fighting for various equalities of some sort or another – some valid, some with no direction, but a fight nonetheless.  On a personal level, I try to remain neutral in all aspects of equality and justice relying on my faith that in His due time, God will set all matters straight.  But on the topic of Women’s Rights and Equality, I have an opinion I want to share.

We have become stronger minded and more aggressive in our dealings. When our mates leave us we take on the roles of both mother and father.  And where the strength of a woman has proven to be nothing short of amazing, some of us have lost the balance.  To be able to conquer and elevate our circumstances is truly a beautiful thing.  But to maintain our self-worth and act as a lady is twice as attractive.  Being strong does not equate being harsh.  I do believe there are valid reasons in what the Mosaic Law provided for when a woman was menstruating recognizing our limitations and that we just simply don’t need to be bothered at certain times at any given cycle.  We are as the scriptures say a “weaker vessel”.  Ladies, calm down, that’s not an insult!  We are to be viewed as delicate precious pieces of china, not because we are fragile and prone to breaking, but because of our worth.  And anything worthy of value is prized and protected.  Being made as a “complement”, our natural role is to well, complement, not to dominate or take over and usurp the thrones of our kings.  We need our kings.  Yes, granted there are peasant-like men roving about street corners, there are also men who feel that they are owed things etc. but we are not speaking of them.  We aren’t speaking of men who abuse their headships.  We are speaking of our men who deserves a companion and not a homegirl.  And I don’t mean any of this to say we need to revert back to staying at home cooking and cleaning and getting whoopings like in ‘I Love Lucy’ (I might have to protest too if you try to lay me across your lap for any other reason than…wait, let’s focus here).  All I mean is that as strong as we are, have become and are becoming, we shouldn’t forfeit our softness.  The rate we’re going, why would a man have to give up his seat for a pregnant woman?  or hold a door?  There’s beauty in that.  We might even have to start fighting front lines during war since we want so much equality.  Can you imagine a woman on the front lines during her period trying to fight a war?!  God bless the whole world!

You don’t have to paint your nails and wear makeup.  You don’t have to wear dresses if you don’t like them.  All I’m saying is, be a lady.  Whatever that means to you, just don’t lose your softness.  You are a woman for a reason.  Work with this gift that is yours.

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