Bloody Mary

Learn to love yourself and to be comfortable with your progress

We cannot take people out of the equation.  As much as we want to be free of the burdens of others, we actually need them in our lives.  We can pursue all the things in life that we think to be necessary to our lasting happiness, but what really is it all worth without sweet companionship?  What do you have to take away and/or add without that someone by your side riding and dying?  You can travel the world or book a getaway every other holiday but tell me, what does that do for you without sisterhood?  brotherhood?  love?  When you finally get to L.A. and you’re having brunch all alone, let me tell you what’s happening:  You’re on your phone scrolling through the latest updates on what your “friends” are doing so that you can somehow still be connected with them.  You spontaneously hop at every opportunity because you feel like you’re in a race against time and life.  You call yourself making the best out of many unfavorable situations.  So what really is the issue here?  Are we not being honest with ourselves and vulnerable with the people who matter?  Are we not saying just how much it hurts?  Talk more, care more, listen more.  And if, in fact, these things are not being reciprocated, speak about it – say how it makes you feel and act accordingly.  But, for us to just give up on people, well, we are doing more harm than necessary.  Give people the courtesy of an explanation.  It’s all a matter of perspective, and deep self-evaluation.  Sure it’s cool to have alone time to revamp your thoughts and to unplug.  And if that’s all it is, then bravo to you!  – This Bloody Mary is on me! But, if you are escaping from your feelings, and filling voids with things you think belong, learn to love yourself and to be comfortable with your progress.  I’m speaking from current experience.  I’m speaking these things as I pack my bags and head to Hollywood…


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