A Day For A Year

I was told to have the patience of God.
That even if it took forever, I am to wait…

I was told to have the patience of God.
That even if it took forever, I am to wait.
I am told that love is patient.
Forever is written in our hearts.
But I am imperfect and impatient.
“It is not good for man to dwell on his own.”
Yes, to Adam, God said that Himself!
I am supposed to complement you
But every time I compliment you
You make a covenant with your eyes.
Look at me!
We are not all harlots
Riding the backs of every wild beast!
Like your servant girl,
I will wash the feet of my lord when u return from service and render my due.
My treacherous heart speaks wildly
Because mere oppression will make any sane person crazed!
This unnatural state like an asexual worm!
Growing within itself.
Giving birth to others like it.
Has the earth finally been filled?
Then please take all feelings from my inward parts!
Put sackcloth on them and waddle it in the dust!
The things of beauty turned ugly from starvation.
Just like the desert plains of Moab!
A day for a year. 26 days for my years and counting.
Laid desolate like Jerusalem, the ancient house of worship.
With all its beauty,
Once overlaid in gold dipped in the finest dyes.
I’ll die before I see my tabernacle rebuilt!
…………………………The patience of God.
A thousand is but one day.
I don’t always understand.
And even when all the prophets left a clear message,
I like an Israelite slave left in Egyptian bondage crying out for help have become weary.
Am I like the foolish women?
Impulsive like Peter?
Passionate like the swarthy Shulammite?
Let God be the judge!
But don’t look down on my words of truth,
Like Job’s wife and false comforters
When I am so confused
And trying to endure.
Draw close to me oh man of integrity!
Like the words of Micah:
“I will show a waiting attitude for the God of my salvation “.

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